Purpose of Deactivation:


Any player who requests to be deactivated will NOT be moved to a higher league regardless of how the team does at the Walmac Year End Tournament (except in note 2 below).


Deactivation Information:


1.     If a player will have 7 or less weeks of play at the end of the regular season you do not need to submit this form.

2.     A player may NOT be deactivated if the team wins a Divisional Trip and the player has 10 or more weeks of regular season play, regardless of when the form is submitted.

3.     Once a deactivation is approved the player will be deactivated at the conclusion of regular season play.

4.    If a team wins a trip and a player has 8 weeks of play and plays at Shaw in the Championship Rounds that Player will move up with the team

Approval Process:


A.     Captain submits request for deactivation

B.     Request is received by league coordinator who will confirm with the captain that the player is to be deactivated

C.     At the conclusion of the regular season the league office will review the deactivation request again to confirm the player is eligible for deactivation. PLEASE NOTE: the team captain will NOT be contacted to confirm the deactivation at this point

D.     If the player is eligible for deactivation the league coordinator will deactivate the player.




The player named requesting to be deactivated (after the deactivation is confirmed by the league office) will NOT be eligible to play at the End of Year Tournament REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCES. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.


Please ensure that you will have the required number of players at the Year End Tournament as a deactivated player CANNOT be re-instated REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCES.


If a player has 8 or more weeks of play the player will still be eligible to play at the VNEA Championships in Las Vegas regardless of whether or not they have been deactivated.


Deactivation of a player applies only to the Walmac Year End Tournament




* A copy of the confirmation will be sent to the player named

By submitting this form you agree that the player named will be deactivated and removed from your team Roster.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the player be eligible to play in the Year End Tournament regardless of circumstances. , Once submitted this action CANNOT BE undone. Once the Tournament has started Player Deactivationsa are no longer allowed