'The Works' Package Prep Form (Short Film)
NOTE: This form should only be filled out when all of your dates, times and other pertinent information is finalized. Please submit it no later than one week before your wedding so we have all of the information we'll need to execute filming on the day-of as well as have accurate information for the editing of your video in a timely fashion.
Your package comes with a Love Story and a Save-The-Date video. These are things that we need to arrange shortly after booking and will be completed long before you need to fill out this form. To set up times for filming of these options or to go over ideas, email Matt!
Your package also comes with custom lighting! It takes about a month to have the special 'plates' made up for the lighting with your names or other message, so please contact Matt shortly after booking to arrange to have this completed.
-- What are your full names, first, middle (optional) and last? This is how your names will appear in your video (ex- Jane Michelle Smith, John Michael Doe):
-- What is your mailing address? This is where we'll be sending your video once we're finished with editing. If you plan on relocating shortly after the wedding, please provide us with an alternate address for shipping (parents, workplace, somewhere that's established and won't be changing anytime soon):
-- What is your email address? If you want to include both of your email addresses, please put each address on it's own line. Remember to include your new email address if your old email address will be changing after the ceremony:
--What are your cell phone numbers? Again, use separate lines for separate numbers. These will only be used in case of emergency:
-- Where will we be meeting you for pre-ceremony coverage? A good rule of thumb is for us to meet up with you 2 hours before the actual start time of your ceremony. That is about when the bride is just about ready to get into her dress. If you're already in your dress at that point we can 'stage' some things like zipping you up, putting the garter on and/or putting your veil on if you'd like. That said, indicate the time you'll be expecting us for pre-ceremony footage and include that address here as well with a city, state and zip code. If the guys aren't in the same place, we'll get plenty of pre-ceremony footage of them at the ceremony facility. Likewise, if anything special is planned at this time that you want included in the video, let us know here so we can make note of that!
-- What time is your ceremony taking place? This should be the exact expected start time. We will show up well in advance of this time to get set-up and get establishing video of guests arriving:
-- Where is your ceremony taking place? Please include the name of the grounds/facility along with it's address, city, state and zip code. Also provide the facility's phone number if available. If same as pre-ceremony location, put 'Same as Pre Ceremony':
-- Are there any special rules or parameters that we have to follow at the ceremony location? If the information helps, we use two camera's for all of our shoots and like to be up front on a knee leaning around the first row of seats, if room allows, as the bride comes down the aisle. Once she's just about up front, we move out of the way and get shots from the side aisles discreetly during the rest of the ceremony. All the while a main camera somewhere centrally located on the floor or balcony is recording the whole time, solely focused on the bride and groom. If you don't know of any rules or parameters or if our standard approach sounds fine to you, put N/A as your answer:
-- Will you be going anywhere after your ceremony other than your ceremony location and/or reception location for a formal photo shoot? If so, please indicate that here with the name of the location and an address with a city, state and zip code if available. If not, briefly describe the location to the best of your knowledge. If this question does not apply to you, put N/A as your answer:
-- What time is your Reception expected to begin (from the point of introductions)? If time allows after your ceremony, we will get plenty of any cocktail hour footage for your video before this expected start time. (ex- 6:00pm):
-- Here, please include the name of your reception facility and full address (street name, city , state and zip code). Also provide a phone number if available. If your reception location is the same as your ceremony location, simply put 'Same as Ceremony'. NOTE: Make sure to read over the 'Preparation' page on our website for important information regarding the overuse of LED lighting at your reception.
-- Your package comes with a 10-15 minute long photo-to-video montage that we can show at your Reception. Also included in your video, it's not necessary to put it on display at your reception, but is a popular option! We can do one of three things for you: 1) Not show it at the reception and only include it in your video. 2) Show it on a big 8x8 screen via projector and sound system during dinner. This would be a one time 'event' that is good for filling up some down-time during dinner itself. Or 3) Loop your montage on one of our laptops or on TV's provided by the venue . Please choose your option here:
-- Are we covering your Rehearsal and/or Rehearsal Dinner? (you'll have us for 2 total hours on site not including travel- if you paid us for additional hours in your contract, indicate that here). If yes, we'll need the address to one or both, depending on what we're doing. If that address is the same as anything above, indicate that here. Please include the times you expect things to take place and if you want us to show your montage/conduct guest interviews at this time. NOTE: If your facility is small or room constrained, we may not be able to show your montage on our projection system. We can provide a DVD however to show on a TV set. If you are not having Rehearsal coverage done, put N/A as your response here:
-- Emergency Contacts? Please include those cell phone numbers of anyone we could contact in order of importance in the event an emergency occurs on the day-of. ex- 443-123-4567 (Jim- best man) 410-987-6543 (Mary- brides mom), etc. Use a new line for each number:
Now we need to cover the details of your video itself. This information will help Matt edit and produce your video in a timely fashion so you can get it back in a reasonable amount of time (anywhere between 2-16 weeks depending on the season).
Okay! Now we're going to cover a few details about your video. You decided to go with our 'Short Film' option. The Short Film will be a 12-15 minute long video set to music highlighting the entire day, with bits and pieces of real time audio coming through (from things like the vows and/or ring exchange, bits and pieces of toasts, etc.). In the completed video, we'd then include your entire ceremony and important reception events, including some open dancing, in real time in their own chapter markers after the Short Film. Typically, the Short Film needs 3 or 4 songs. We suggest using slower paced or romantic songs... although something more upbeat can be used for the reception portion of the Short Film. You'll basically want to list three songs that you'd like us to use for the video. The order you put them in will be the order they would appear in the Short Film. The third song you choose would be used during reception highlights, so if you'd like to use something more upbeat, that would be the spot for it! Be sure to number the songs in the preference you'd like and give us the song title and the artists name (Example: 1. At Last, Etta James.) Finally, you’ll choose a 4th song just in case we need it. Just be aware that it may not be used so consider it a ‘backup’ song.
Would you like to take advantage of the complimentary Mini-Photo Montage for your video? It can be up to 36 pictures of you guys on your honeymoon or professional pictures from your photographer for inclusion at the end of your video. If you opt to do this, we'll need your pictures! You can email them to Matt or send them to him via Dropbox or Yousendit. Contact Matt for instructions for Dropbox or Yousend it should you decide to send them that way.
--You're getting 3 DVD's of your event. If played in a Bluray player they'll appear in HD. On a standard DVD player, they'll look standard def. If you'd like more than four copies of your video at any time you can order those copies right on our online store located on our home page. We'll also send you a link to download the HD master digital file, suitable for iTunes, Windows Media Player and other media outlets, including all the 'cloud' stuff going around.
--IMPORTANT: If you have an itinerary of the days events on file, attach it here! It's always nice to see a time breakdown of the complete days events. If you don't have one in an uploadable/attachable format, you can copy and paste a simple itinerary in the 'Special Requests' field below or simply ignore this request if you don't have an itinerary.:
-- This should cover everything. If you have any special requests, indicate them here and I will address them in an email when I get the results of this form for review. Likewise, if you've added other options to your package in our contract, use this area to indicate that and to put down any music selections that might be needed to execute the production of that package option in your video. Put N/A if you have no additional comments or didn't add anything to or alter your package in any way:
NOTE: If you have not mailed your final balance already, please have that ready and hand delivered to one of our staff before your ceremony begins on the day-of, per our shooting policy!
NOTE: If there are any parking fees at any of your venues, kindly add those costs to your final balance as they are not built into any of our package prices!
Finally, a lot of other vendors put "must have a hot meal" in their contracts. We think that's just silly! There's never been a time where we have not got fed, and we appreciate that greatly! It's a long day so a meal is nice to re-energize. It doesn't matter to us whether it's the same meal your guests are getting or a 'vendor meal' (usually a lunchmeat sandwich), but we do ask that you advise your catering staff to feed us at the same time as or before your guests! Time and time again, the catering staff will wait until all other guests are served (even if there's a lunchmeat sandwich already waiting for us wrapped up in a box) before we get our meal. By that time, it's time to begin filming again as a dance is coming up or what have you and then the food just goes to waste. So, just something to keep in mind if you can squeeze that request in there!
We always wear all black on shoots. But, in the event you're getting married on a hot day and are having a casual reception outdoors, let us know in the special requests field above if it's okay to wear or bring our 'hot day ensemble' for after the ceremony, which is a black top with kahki shorts.
That's it! You're done! Well almost. When you click the submit button below, we'll store this information with your file and use it to execute the shooting of, editing of and delivery of your video! If you have any questions or if any of this information should change, notify Matt ASAP!