Use this form to request a Paypal Invoice from Editing Life Videography/Buerhaus Design LLC to make a Deposit, pay off a Balance due or purchase videos! Please note; for the purchase of a wedding video, if you're not the bride or groom themselves, an inquiry will be made with the couple to make sure it's okay to send you their wedding video. Likewise, for corporate videos, we will check with our point of contact to make sure it's okay to send you a video. The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us! Follow the prompts below to send us your information and Matt will send over a Paypal invoice ASAP. Note: A 3% fee is assessed to any transaction over $100 to cover Paypal fees. Should you decide to pay with a personal check or money order via US mail, you can do so to avoid such surcharges once an invoice is sent.
For Deposits or Balances- If you have to make a deposit or pay a final balance for your wedding, event or corporate function, simply select the appropriate selection from the list below.
For Wedding Videos- These come as single-disk or double-disk sets with a case and full custom cover artwork. If you're unsure which you need to purchase, please check with the bride and groom first.
For Corporate Videos- These can be complete events for a corporate meeting with presentations (on one or two disks), training or promotional materials or individual videos of any given presenter at a corporate function. Please check with the point of contact for any group that has used our services to find out how the videos would be available for purchase when making your selection/s. In some cases, these videos are already available digitally online, hosted by our client's website available for download directly from them. In other cases, we are contractually unable to sell any type of corporate video (as the client may be selling the videos themselves at a set cost on their end).
For General Event Videos (birthdays, graduations, etc.)- These typically come on one DVD with an intro, all main events in real time, and highlights. In some cases it might be two DVD's. Check with the event organizer to see what you should select.
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Once you click the 'Submit' button below, your information will be sent to Buerhaus Design. We'll then check to make sure we can send you a DVD or download link for a video, then send you an invoice via Paypal to your email address. Once payment is received (whether you pay via Paypal or send a personal check with your invoice), we'll produce the video/s you requested or provide you with a download link for video files. Any checks can be mailed to: Buerhaus Design 702 Idlewild Rd. Bel Air, MD 21014