I. Personal Information
Sooner ID note: If you don't know what this is, please leave blank

II. Recommendation: List below the name and address of one faculty member familiar with your academic ability. It is the applicant's responsibility to deliver a printed recommendation form or the URL of the online recommendation form to the person listed as a reference, who should submit the completed form to the OSLEP office. All recommendations are confidential.

III. Transcript: A copy of your transcript from the institution in which you are currently enrolled is required. This can be an unofficial transcript, but an advisor's copy is not acceptable.It must be submitted in pdf format. It may be mailed to: OSLEP, 630 Parrington Oval, 559, Norman, OK, 73019 or attached to an email and sent to

IV. Class Options: Students may indication an interest in participating in one or more classes per academic year. It is important to indicate more than one choice, as sometimes seminars fill.
Indicate your choices by scholar name from the drop down menu, in order of preference. It is important to indicate more than one.

V. Essay: You have two options to choose from in order to complete this part of the application. The essay (choice #1 or #2) is an essential component of the admission process. Please type the essay with your name on it. Please submit either as a Word or PDF document. Send it as an email attachment to
Choice #1) In 300-400 words describe your most intellectually exciting or challenging experience.
Choice #2) Send a writing sample of a paper of at least 1500 words (or five pages), written exclusively by you for a past college course (no group project papers!). In addition to the paper, as a separate document, send an answer to the following questions (and your answer should be at least 250 words in length, total): Why are you proud of this paper? In what ways did working on this paper develop or advance your knowledge of a subject?

Important Reminder: In order to be considered for admission to a class, OSLEP must have your complete file, which includes: 1) this application 2) the essay 3) unofficial transcript 4) recommendation. You can submit your essay and transcript as an attachment to: Remember that the more information you provide about yourself, the better able we are to evaluate your application fairly

For information on accommodations on the basis of disability, please contact OSLEP, Joy Pendley, Assistant Director at 405/325-4309 or by e-mail at