Enter one or more of 7 NFSP Photo Contests and WIN a FREE fishing rod! 

If your photo is chosen "best of contest" by our selection team of teachers, you will be awarded a brand-new fishing outfit, courtesy of the National Fishing in Schools Program.

Winners are chosen after schools close in the spring of each year.

Enter as many contests as you wish, as many times as wish. Entries are accepted year-round.

Only requirements:

1. You must be:
tly taking, or have already taken, the "Fishing in Schools" course at your school (may enter all NFSP Contests except the "Open Contest")
     *Or, any K-12 student not taking the "Fishing in Schools" course (may enter only the "Open Class")

2.  You agree that NFSP, at its discretion, may use your photo to show to others who may be interested in "Fishing in Schools."

3.  You may only enter one contest and submit one photo at a time.

4.  Fill out this Entry Form for each contest/photo. 

5.  For the "FishTargets Grand Slam", you must enter a photo of each of the 10 FishTargets you have caught.

Photos will be posted to the NFSP website for all to view.  NFSP does not share data with 3rd parties, nor does our content contain advertising.

* Only one contest my be entered at a time
* If you don't have one, see if your teacher, or parents, will "loan" you theirs.
* What is your current grade in school?
* Who is/or was your Fishing in Schools teacher?