Dates and Location 

Sunday May 7, 2023
Fultonvale Outdoor Arena
52029 RR 224, Sherwood Park, Alberta
Judges: TBD

General Information
If you pre-register and can’t attend, please let us know before show starts.
$20 charge on any NSF cheques.
Prizes: ribbons to 6th, *high point performance (1,2,6,7) and gymkhana (8-11) trophies
Camping: permitted after 7pm before the show, water for horses & outhouse on site, no power.
No stabling available, bring your own panels or tie to your trailer.
No parking west of arena.
**ASTM approved helmets mandatory for English and Jumping events. Mandatory for Western classes if under 18.
** Western Saddles required for gymkhana events (or Aussie/Endurance. NO English Saddles)

General Event Fee $20.00
Entries: Online pre-registrations must be received 2 days prior to show date.

There will be a concession at the show.


English Pleasure
English Equitation
English Hunter Hack (2 jumps, max 2’)
Western Pleasure
Western Equitation
Flag Picking
Pole Bending
Thread the Needle


Rules and Regulations

1. Judge’s and show Committee Decision are Final.

2. Show clothes/tack not required, but must be safe. Any humane bit, bosal, sidepull will be allowed providing rider has control of the horse.

3. ASTM approved helmets are mandatory for English classes, and recommended for all participants in all classes. Boots with a heel required for all classes.

4. The show is open to all horses, but the show committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.

5. Classes will be split by age, and can be combined or cancelled at the discretion of the show committee.

6. Exhibitors are required to enter the ring wearing the correct number.

7. There will be no gate holds or an entry allowed in once the gate is closed.

8. Stallions cannot be handled by anyone under 18.

9. All dogs must be on leashes and children must be controlled on the grounds.

10. No galloping in the field and walking only around the trailer parking area.

11. No horses near bleachers or concession area.

12. $20 charge on any NSF cheques

Only 1 Horse and Rider Per Entry Please
* Show dates Are April 22 or Sept 23
* *

Class Registration
No Cross Entry for Walk Trot Classes
Select Only One Jumping Class
Parent/Member (if Under 18) Release Agreement:

By submitting this entry the Rider/Parent hereby agrees to be bound by the decision of the Show Committee and Judges; and to hold harmless the Colchester & District Agricultural Society, Fultonvale Arena, and/or any persons in any way connected with this Show from any loss, damage, injury, accident, illness or disease from any participant/horse in the Event.

Important! Once you submit the form you will receive an email (if your email address is correct) confirming your registration, If you do not receive the email you have not been registered. Please keep the confirmation Email. You will also receive an Email from confirming your entry has been received with details of your registration. If you have not registered for an Class Once the Show starts you cannot ride in that Class. You will be given a list events you are registered in it is YOUR responsibility to check and confirm the events