Please Read Before Renting:


I wanted to let you know that our church is slowly developing a protocol for snow. It is looking like we are having a "real" winter this year in Plum! Safety is our number one concern especially in the winter months. Our driveway can be tricky when the weather is bad. Because our church is on a tight budget, we are trying to implement a volunteer system to keep everything clear so that we control our expenses and so that we can rent the facility at an affordable rate. With that being said, I want to let you know that depending on the weather there could be times where we have to delay groups coming or outright cancel scheduled times in the gym because of the weather. We're not capable of "instantly" clearing the roadway and parkinglot. (Really no place is!)
I'm praying the snow stays at bay but be aware that depending on the weather in these winter months, I could be contacting you to delay or postpone/reschedule your event. If we would do that you would have the option of being reimbursed or rescheduled. In that situation you would FILL OUT A NEW FORM and PICK A NEW TIME and Gloria would work with you on that!
Of course we're all praying for the snow to minimally fall! We shall see! All of this is in God's hands!
Wanted to make you aware of our protocol!
Have fun at the gym!
Blessings Pastor Allan Drake
Living Word of Plum Head of Staff

Living Word rents space for meetings, recitals, family gatherings, showers, birthday/anniversary parties, or the like. 

 Weddings are dealt with separately.  Please contact the church at

 After completing this form, we will confirm your request when it is determined your chosen date and time are open. 

Do not submit any payment until your date/time are confirmed, then make your check payable to Living Word of Plum, PO Box 14330, Pittsburgh, PA  15239.


(We will arrange with you a time to gain access to the building(s). Your setup and clean up time are not included as rental time.)

Select Desired Area for Usage: Upstairs Facilities are handicapped accessible. Downstairs Facilities are currently NOT handicapped accessible.

Agreement: I, the undersigned, will assume responsibility for any damage incurred to the church facility during approved use. I will make sure the people attending this event abide by parking lot courtesies, keep the fire lane clear, and will not smoke inside the buildings or consume alcohol on church property. I will return each room that is used to the state in which it was found. Provide your digital signatures below.