Coaches' Training  

9:00 am - 2:45 pm. Saturday, January 13, 2018

Location: Montecito Elementary School, Burnaby

We will be open for registration at 8.30 am. Please make sure to check in early so that the presenters can start on time.

*Early Bird registration for Coaches Training is $10 which includes handouts and lunch.  


* Please note that starting January 1st, registration will be $20.

Coaches will be able to choose from a variety of sessions:

- NEW Coaches' Training (for those who have never coached before and/or have NOT attended the Fun Day training)

- Spontaneous Problem Solving

- Balsa Sructures 101

- Drama TBA (Last year: "The Art of the Story: Successfully Working with Problem 3 and Problem 5 teams")

- Style

- Coaching vehicle/ technical teams


Please give us some information about yourself so we can plan our Coaches' Training appropriately.

A buffet lunch will be served. Please bring your own MUG for coffee - let's do our thing to save the planet!

Included in your registration fee is a complimentary membership for Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS), the non-Profit Society that sponsors Odyssey of the Mind in BC. Your acceptance of this membership will be a "show of support" for the Odyssey program and the worth of Creative Problem Solving events for Youth. Regulations require that we have your full name and address. We will keep this information confidential. You will also be eligible for discounted fees should your child attend another Odyssey/CPSS event(s) later in the 16/17 school year.