To be nominated for this prestigious award the full time faculty member should:
1. Have served EMS Education for Twenty years or more
2. Maintain high academic achievement standards
3. Maintain professional and academic rapport with colleagues and students
4. Maintain a stimulating learning environment
5. Initialize a creative teaching methodology
6. Be able to provide evidence of college service/facility
7. Be able to provide evidence of community service
8. Be able to demonstrate use of innovative classroom presentation skills
9. Be known for a positive, caring, and inspiring attitude
Have contributed to EMS in a meaningful manner
A. I do hereby submit the name entered in the box below to be considered as a nominee for the TEMSEA Lige Turman Lifetime Achievement Award for the Academic Year.
In support of this nomination, I have attached a typewritten letter addressed to the selection committee providing a concise, detailed justification of why I feel this nominee is qualified for the nomination based upon the above criteria. You may attach your letter below.
For questions or to submit a nominee contact Jonathan Wood of the TEMSEA Awards committee on or before June 30. Jonathan can be contacted at jonathan.wood@tnemsea.com