Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Nomination Form

Faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences as well as graduate students in degree programs in the college are encouraged to submit nominations for the College's Annual Excellence Awards.    

 The submission deadline is Thursday, December 12, 2019.  

Please attach a narrative of one to two pages that addresses the following: 

The professor’s 

-demonstrated knowledge of course content; 

-passion for the ideas being taught; 

-clarity in presenting course content; 

-clearly articulated standards for student performance; 

-ability to inspire students; 

-concern for students; 

-integration of life issues into course content;  

-integration of University mission into course content (forming men and women for others; leadership development; communication of spirituality and values; civic and professional responsibility; concern for the whole person; respect for diversity).


· Nominee must be a Arts & Sciences faculty member 

· Nominee must be a Frost campus faculty member

· Nominee requires graduate faculty status