I authorize Crown-Point Apartments and / or its agent to examine my credit history. I certify that the following information is correct, and I understand that this application may be revoked if any information furnished is found to be incorrect. I hereby grant this property and / or its agent the right to process this application for the purpose of obtaining a Rental / Lease agreement with this property. Additionally, I authorize all current and former employers to release information they may have about me and release them from any liability and responsibility from doing so.

If I submit a deposit of $300.00, I understand that it is refundable if this application is denied. If the reservation is canceled for any reason within three (3) calendar days from the date the deposit is given to a representative of Crown Point Apartments, I agree to forfeit $50.00. If the reservation is canceled for any reason in four (4) or more calendar days, I agree to forfeit the full deposit paid. I also understand I must bring in or submit online a non-refundable $30.00 application fee.

* Please select the complex you are most interested in.
* Choose the desired size of apartment you are interested in.
* Enter your date of birth as mm/dd/yyyy.
* Enter your entire Social Security number. This form is being submitted from a secured site and this number is requird for us to process your application.

* Please list your current address.
* List owner of current address name and phone number
* If you do not know the exact date at least give month and year.
* Enter your monthly rent. If you are staying with friends or family enter $0.00
* Give a brief reason for leaving your current address.

* Give the address of your residence prior to your present location.
* List the owner's name and phone number from your previous address.
* List move in and move out dates as best you can remember.
* List amount of rent. If you were living with friends or family enter $0.00.
* Give a brief reason for leaving.

* Enter the name of your current employer. If you are receiving disability enter that here. (SSI, SSD)
* Enter your employer's phone number. If receiving assistance enter N/A
* Enter the date you were hired. If you are receiving assistance enter N/A
* Enter your wages per hour, week or month. If receiving assistance, you will be required to show proof of income.
* Give approximate number of hours worked per week. If receiving assistance enter N/A
If you answered yes to the above pet question, list what the pet is and its weight. Pet can not exceed 25# when it is full grown.
* Enter the name of someone we can contact in the event of an emergency.
* Enter the relationship of this emergency contact.
* Enter the emergency contact's phone number, including area code.
* List the phone number that is easiest to reach you in the event we have additional questions..
* Enter an alternate number by which you may be reached. If you do not have one enter NONE.
E-mail address is needed for confirmation of receipt.
List any questions or comments you have. If this form is for a co-signer, list the name of the person you are co-signing for.
* Please sign the application.
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