Georgia Prep Sports Academy Inc.

2014 Georgia Prep Sports Academy Football Combine Waiver

Phone: 678-663-7514 Fax: 770-389-3765

Please have this filled out by your parents and turned in at the time of registration. Combine cost is $50.00 per athlete (no waivers)
* * *
* Informed Consent
As a participant in the GPSA Football Combine, I recognize that running, jumping, cutting, and lifting weights entails some risk of accidental injury. I recognize that the reaction of my cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems to exercise activities cannot be predicted with complete accuracy. I also understand that during or following periods of exercise, it is possible for any individual to develop abnormalities of blood pressure or heart rate, ineffective heart function, or, in rare instances, heart attack or cardiac arrest. I have been advised that it is prudent to consult with my physician prior to engaging in this performance competition.

In consideration of my participation in the GPSA Football Combine, I hereby covenant and agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless the GPSA Football Combine or its staff, from any and all losses, costs, claims, damages, injuries or liabilities whatsoever, whether or not based on negligence, including strict liability arising out of or in any connected with my participation in the GPSA Football Combine.

I hereby authorize the GPSA Football Combine to test and record data for advertising and promotional purposes. Additional information gathered outside the testing data would be name (first and last) – the high school I will be attending, graduation class and my height and weight. I understand this information will be used for the website, and all distributions to college athletic programs.
Things to know about the combine before you show up

Please be on time, the combine will start registering athletes at TBA. Please have $75.00 (cash or checks made out to the Georgia Prep Sports Academy) and your permission slip ready at registration. No permission slip or money, NO COMBINE!

Athletes will then be weighed in and height measured.

Athletes will be given a rundown on how the combine will work and tips on how to be successful at each event.

Athletes will be divided into groups and sent to their first stations.

40 yard dash – 5-10-5 Pro Agility Shuttle – Standing Long Jump – Vertical Leap – Bench Test – Squat – Power Clean

Speed & Agility drills – Position Drills

1 on 1 Drills

Athletes will get multiple attempts at each event (except for the bench test for obvious reasons). The staff is there to answer questions to assist you with helpful hints and techniques.

Please stretch and stay warmed up between stations and attempts and be ready for your test when called upon by the testing staff.