Silver Package Prep Form
NOTE: This form should only be filled out when all of your dates, times and other pertinent information is finalized. Please submit it no later than one week before your wedding so we have all of the information we'll need to execute filming on the day-of as well as have accurate information for the editing of your video in a timely fashion. The Silver Package has eight hours of consecutive video coverage (for example, 2-10pm). If you need more time, we can always add more hours. Shoot Matt an email if you need to do that:
-- What are your full names, first, middle (optional) and last? This is how your names will appear in your video (ex- Jane Michelle Smith, John Michael Doe):
-- What is your mailing address? This is where we'll send any physical DVD's or things like thumb drives if you've ordered them. If you plan on relocating shortly after the wedding, please provide us with an alternate address for shipping (parents, workplace, somewhere that's established and won't be changing anytime soon):
-- What is your email address? If you want to include both of your email addresses, please put each address on it's own line. Remember to include your new email address if your old email address will be changing after the ceremony:
--What are your cell phone numbers? Again, use separate lines for separate numbers. These will only be used in case of emergency:
-- Where will we be meeting you for pre-ceremony coverage? A good rule of thumb is for us to meet up with you 2 hours before the actual start time of your ceremony. That's about the time a bride gets into her dress, or the groom gets into his tux. But that could be happening even earlier if you're planning a first look. Whatever time you think is best for this, let us know here! Also remember that we can only film at one pre-ceremony location unless logistically, there's time to visit a second location if it's not too far away. If you're not interested in any pre ceremony footage, simply put NA down for your answer here and we'll begin coverage with your ceremony.
-- What time is your ceremony taking place? This should be the exact expected start time. We will show up well in advance of this time to get set-up and get establishing video of guests arriving:
-- Where is your ceremony taking place? Please include the name of the grounds/facility along with it's address, city, state and zip code. Also provide the facility's phone number if available. If same as pre-ceremony location, put 'Same as Pre Ceremony':
-- Are there any special rules or parameters that we have to follow at the ceremony location? If the information helps, we use two cameras for all of our shoots and like to be up front off to the side to film the processional, maybe moving toward the center of the aisle if standing guests obstruct our view. After the processional, we'll remain off to the side or back of your guests discreetly during the rest of the ceremony, never obstructing anyone's view. All the while a main camera somewhere centrally located on in the back or balcony (if available) is recording the whole time, solely focused on the bride and groom. If you don't know of any rules or parameters or if our standard approach sounds fine to you, put N/A as your answer:
IMPORTANT info for WIRELESS MICS! We use WAV audio recorders which have no over-the-air signal, making them ideal for venues or DJ's who may be concerned with our signal interfering with theirs. The file is essentially saved as an MP3. We'll also have professional shotgun microphones on our cameras and place a recorder near any PA system that's available at your wedding for optimal sound. We typically put a wireless mic on the groom (which looks just like what you would see an anchorman on TV wearing), which must go on the outside of the jacket and not under the jacket or anything else. The mic must be unobstructed for clear audio. If it's a breezy day, we'll put a special wind-screen on it to minimize the affect of the wind, which will dramatically improve the quality of the audio in any wind. If the groom decides he does not want to wear a mic, we'll try to put it on the officiant or if there's a canopy or arch during the ceremony, plant it there somewhere. But please note, we can not guarantee clear audio of the vows unless the groom himself wears the mic where we place it. The mic is very small and we have two colors, black or white mic's to blend onto appropriately colored attire. It will be recording for several minutes before and after the ceremony, which can be fun as we'll be sending you the entire audio file in MP3 format after the wedding:) Also, we are 100% self sufficient. We DO NOT need anything from your DJ or band to capture the audio we need. Many videographers rely on the DJ to get good audio, and as far as we're concerned, that's not professional and not fair to the DJ to have to worry about providing us with something to accomplish our job. So there is no need for us to connect with your DJ before the event.
-- Will you be going anywhere after your ceremony other than your ceremony location and/or reception location for a formal photo shoot? If so, please indicate that here with the name of the location and an address with a city, state and zip code if available. If not, briefly describe the location to the best of your knowledge. If this question does not apply to you, put N/A as your answer:
-- What time is your Reception expected to begin (from the point of introductions)? If time allows after your ceremony, we will get plenty of any cocktail hour footage for your video before this expected start time. (ex- 6:00pm):
-- Here, please include the name of your reception facility and full address (street name, city , state and zip code). Also provide a phone number if available. If your reception location is the same as your ceremony location, simply put 'Same as Ceremony'. NOTE: Make sure to read over the 'Preparation' page on our website for important information regarding the overuse of LED lighting at your reception.
-- Emergency Contacts? Please include those cell phone numbers of anyone we could contact in order of importance in the event an emergency occurs on the day-of. ex- 443-123-4567 (Jim- best man) 410-987-6543 (Mary- brides mom), etc. Use a new line for each number:
Okay! Now we're going to cover a few details about your video, including music, so you can personalize it to your liking. You can choose the music for each individual part of your video, or, if you'd rather Matt just wing it for you, simply skip the individual music selections below and you'll have the opportunity to tell us what you'd like to hear toward the bottom of this page. It's important to complete this information so Matt can edit your video in a timely fashion (2-16 week turnover time depending on the season). Without this info, we can't complete the editing! You can use any popular music that you'd like to use. As for what tempo... think Coldplay type love songs as ideal. You don't want to choose anything fast paced or with inappropriate lyrics ( think party music, heavy metal, rap). Or, if you'd like to choose unique music for your wedding video, specifically licensed for it (making it easy to post on Youtube), choose songs from our vast royalty free library at
-- What kind of Highlight Video would you like? There's three different styles; Modern (if you leave this blank this is the option I'll put in your video), Old Film Look or Flowing. Modern is edited to the beat of the music you choose and our most popular option. Old Film would give your highlights an old film/9mm look. Flowing is good if you pick a real slow song; we'll slowly transition from one scene to the next throughout the highlights. You can see samples of different types of Highlight Videos on our Samples page. Indicate your preference here:
--Give us 3-4 more songs that we may use in the video to fill in any gaps if necessary. Put each new song choice on its own line. If we're winging it for you, put N/A as your answer:
If you'd like us to wing the music in your video, you can give us a list of songs here that Matt will fit into the video that sounds best. If he needs more songs than what you list, he'll base those selections on the style/s of music you choose here. If you want Matt to totally wing it, just say that and he'll surprise you (usually base the music on some of the formal dances from your reception, which is usually a good reflection of any given couple). If you list music, put each song on it's own line:
Would you like to take advantage of the complimentary Mini-Photo Montage for your video? It can be up to 36 pictures of you guys growing up through the years for the beginning of your video, or honeymoon pictures or professional pictures from your photographer for inclusion at the end of your video. If you opt to do this, you'll need to send the photos to Matt via WeTransfer, which is completely free with no sign-up required ( We can also accept transfers from Dropbox and iCloud (both are free with sign-up... but if you have an iPhone, you already have an iCloud account!). Please put the photos into a folder and number them in the order you'd like them to be in (01, 02, 03, etc.), then send us a download link via email. If the order of your photos does not matter, no need to number them in order! Just let us know when you send them over.
-- For your Video Intro, we'll use your program to list your bridal party during the opening scenes of your video. Typically that includes any parents, readers at the ceremony, the officiant, etc. If any of those folks are missing from your program (or you don't have a program), please list those folks here (first and last names). If you're not worried about this aspect of the editing being in your video, or would rather not have this done, let us know here! In that case we'll stick to the basics (your names, date and location).
--IMPORTANT: If you have an itinerary of the days events on file, attach it here! It's always nice to see a time breakdown of the complete days events. If you don't have one in an uploadable/attachable format, you can copy and paste a simple itinerary in the 'Special Requests' field below or simply ignore this request if you don't have an itinerary.:
NOTE: If you have not mailed your final balance already, please have that ready and hand delivered to one of our staff before your ceremony begins on the day-of, per our shooting policy!
NOTE: If there are any parking fees at any of your venues, kindly add those costs to your final balance as they are not built into any of our package prices!
In the event your wedding runs behind schedule, we like to plan in advance and know whether we should stay later or not (as it can be difficult and awkward at times to get a definitive answer to this question in the midst of the reception). If things only run over 15 minutes or so, we ALWAYS just stay and not worry about any extra payment. But if it looks like the event you'd last like captured on film is way behind schedule, 30 minutes or more, should we stay later? For one videographer, extra hours are $150. For two videographers, $200. We would bill on a per half hour basis (rounding up to the top of any hour), and send that invoice to you via email shortly after the wedding through Paypal. We'd always be happy to share our camera's timestamps after the wedding to confirm any extra time we're on hand for as well:)
Finally, a lot of other vendors put "must have a hot meal" in their contracts. We think that's just silly! There's never been a time where we have not got fed, and we appreciate that greatly! It's a long day so a meal is nice to re-energize. It doesn't matter to us whether it's the same meal your guests are getting or a 'vendor meal' (usually a lunchmeat sandwich), but we do ask that you advise your catering staff to feed us at the same time as or before your guests! Time and time again, the catering staff will wait until all other guests are served (even if there's a lunchmeat sandwich already waiting for us wrapped up in a box) before we get our meal. By that time, it's time to begin filming again as a dance is coming up or what have you and then the food just goes to waste. So, just something to keep in mind if you can squeeze that request in there!
We always wear all black on shoots. But, in the event you're getting married on a hot day and are having any of your events outdoors, let us know in the special requests field above if it's okay to wear our hot day clothing (usually a black t-shirt or polo with black or khaki shorts).
Our son, Brooks, a pre-teen, has taken a great interest in our line of work. He creates his own videos and is (hopefully) a budding Youtube star! Lol. He likes to come along with us on video shoots when possible to learn more, and will no-doubt take the business over one day. We like to bring him on wedding shoots from time-to-time, but also understand that not all weddings and events are for youngsters. Would you be open to Brooks assisting us on your wedding day? Answering "yes" does not mean he'll be coming along, but simply letting us know it's an option (I would let you know in advance if Brooks will be shadowing with us). There would be no need to plan for a meal for him, when he tags along, we bring food for him. If "no", that's totally fine! We would completely understand! No explanation needed:)
-- This should cover everything. If you have any special requests, indicate them here and I will address them in an email when I get the results of this form for review. Likewise, if you've added other options to your package in our contract, use this area to indicate that and to put down any music selections that might be needed to execute the production of that package option in your video. Put N/A if you have no additional comments or didn't add anything to or alter your package in any way:
That's it! You're done! Well almost. When you click the submit button below, we'll store this information with your file and use it to execute the shooting, editing and delivery of your video! If you have any questions or if any of this information should change, notify Matt ASAP! We'll email you the results of this form as well, along with any question we might have once we have the opportunity to review the results.