Your votes determine who will win the Martia Dementia 2017 Finals. Voting closes at 3:30pm CST on Wednesday.

You may vote for whomever you choose, and we encourage you to pick a few upsets. Correctly predicting the upset is what makes for a winning bracket! You can also influence the voting heavily by asking friends and family to vote for your picks. All you need is a unique email each time a vote is entered.*

So, vote early and vote often. Follow BCPublishers on Twitter to see voting updates, quotes from winning and losing authors, and more.

*Emails will not be used for anything except eliminating votes from identical accounts.

Finals: Roman Colosseum
* Caesar is often depicted wearing a garland to cover his receding hair line. Homer says of Zeus, “He then lowered his glowing countenance, and the ambrosial locks swayed on his immortal head, till vast Olympus reeled.”