Honors Program Mission: The Honors Program empowers students to be active and engaged in their experience at Westfield State University, fostering their academic, personal, and professional development in an innovative, dynamic, and inclusive learning environment. We are a diverse community of intellectually curious learners and leaders inspired to explore and develop our passions through small, student-centered classes, faculty and peer mentorship, project-based learning, research and creative work, civic engagement, presentation opportunities on and off campus, and social activities. Opportunities for personal growth, community building, and critical thinking abound!

Students in the Honors Program are academically motivated. Most had high school GPAs above 3.5 and were involved in extracurricular activities and leadership positions.

To Apply: Complete this application form in its entirety.

Questions: please contact Gretchen Konrad at gkonrad@westfield.ma.edu or call (413)572-8086




The Honors Program seeks students who show strong potential for academic success, resilience, and academic curiosity.  Please answer each of the questions below in short answers (200 words each max)