For National Staff, Sectional Directors and Chapter Directors

     The purpose of this conflict of interest policy is to protect the NJB organization.
     NJB is concerned about Directors that might benefit in a financial interest directly
     or indirectly through NJB chapter business, investment or by family gain.


1. Director and any immediate family member of the board cannot have a financial interest in a
    "for profit" or non NJB Basketball organization outside the NJB chapter.
2. The local NJB Chapter players’ data base cannot be used or available to outside organizations
    such as for AAU, Club, teams or any other organizations besides for the local NJB chapter.

3. Posting any recruiting data or information "for profit" or for any non NJB organizations on the
    local NJB Chapter web site is not allowed or permitted. 

4. This policy targets multiple team "for profit" and non NJB organizations. A parent coaching their
    stand-a lon child team is not the target of this policy.

5. This signed policy will be handed to the Sectional Director.

6. The Sectional Director will provide a copy to the NJB Commissioner.

  In connection with any actual or possible conflict of interest, the Director shall disclose the potential
  conflict of interest to the Sectional Director and the Commissioner of NJB in writing which will include
  specifics of the" for-profit" or outside NJB league organizations..

 Upon disclosure in writing of the potential conflict to the Sectional Director and Commissioner of NJB- a final
 determination will be declared.

 Each director shall sign annually a conflict of interest form. Each director shall acknowledge the below:

 a)  Has received the copy of the conflict of interest policy
 b)  Has read and understands the policy
 c)  Has agreed to comply with the policy

NJB reserves the right to remove any director that has failed to disclose a potential conflict of interest. The decision
will be final for our NJB league and chapter.

                                                           ANNUAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATEMENT

I affirm the following:

1.  I have read and understand the above in regards to the conflict of interest policy.

2. I agree to comply to the conflict of interest policy.