To be nominated for this prestigious award the adjunct faculty member should:
1. Be in his/her third year of adjunct teaching in Tennessee.
2. Maintain high academic achievement standards.
3. Maintain professional and academic rapport with colleagues and students.
4. Maintain a stimulating learning environment.
5. Initialize a creative teaching methodology
6. Be able to provide evidence of college service/facility
7. Be able to provide evidence of community service
8. Be able to demonstrate use of innovative classroom presentation skills
9. Be known for a positive, caring, and inspiring attitude
I do hereby submit the name listed in the box below to be considered as a nominee for the TEMSEA Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for the Academic Year.
B. In support of this nomination, I have attached a typewritten letter addressed to the selection committee providing a concise, detailed justification of why I feel this nominee is qualified for the nomination based upon the above criteria. You can attach your typewritten letter in the attachment field of this form below.
For questions or to submit a nominee contact Jonathan Wood of the TEMSEA Awards committee, on or before June 30. Jonathan can be contacted at jonathan.wood@tnemsea.com